Fund Writing was set up in 2009 to help asset management professionals write better reports, proposals and press releases.

Since then, we’ve provided training to investment managers, analysts, client services managers and PR executives from some of the biggest names in the industry.

We believe the benefits of good writing are manifold – ranging from more efficient and accurate communication within investment teams to improved relationships with clients and more effective marketing.

Our philosophy is simple.

  • The purpose of every text is to communicate a message to an audience. To write well, you must never lose sight of your readers.
  • Good writing is lively, clear and concise, using simple language and as little jargon as possible.

Fund Writing’s intensive one-day workshops are designed to help fund professionals write with clarity, flair and fluency. Our core writing skills course concentrates on basic principles of good writing style and ways to write more efficiently. Our advanced writing skills course focuses on structuring compelling narratives for a range of audiences.

We deliver most of our courses in-house for clients in financial centres across Europe. Our in-house courses are tailored to each client’s needs to provide maximum benefit. We also run occasional scheduled courses in London.


Forget the fudge: give it to investors straight when funds perform poorly

Institutional investors want to hear from fund managers more when their funds are performing poorly, according to a new study from CoreData Research. No surprise there. Now for the tricky part. Asset managers’ ability “to communicate effectively and regularly with institutional investors” could be the difference between retaining and losing clients, says Craig Phillips, head …